The We Love American Made blog was started because I was searching for high quality and safe products for my family to use, and I found that American made goods were often what I preferred to purchase. I also wanted to support businesses in my immediate local community and the wider American community.

I fondly remember my mother turning over a product label to find out if it was made locally or overseas and having her point out to me the marks of a high quality garment or the superior fit and finish of a high quality toy.

Of course there are plenty of high quality items made overseas, but I’d like to focus on businesses that have high ethical standards and employ people in my community.

Finding American products can be a challenge, so I’m hoping this blog can serve as a directory for like-minded individuals who are also searching for fine American quality and craftsmanship.

If you’d like to contact me to be featured on the blog, you can email me at info {at} weloveamericanmade.com.

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