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SmartWool Socks We Love American Made Blog

I think one of the most taken for granted clothing items has to be socks. I never really put too much thought into them, but occasionally I live to regret it when they slip off my heel, bunch up in my shoes or slide down my legs.

I’ve never had that problem with my SmartWool socks though. I am an avid skiier and snowboarder and I exclusively wear SmartWool socks when I ski and snowboard. I find that they are a nice thickness to keep my feet warm and toasty, but not sweaty because they wick away the moisture. They also provide a little bit of protection from the hard boot.

Most SmartWool socks are knitted right here in America — in Tennessee and North Carolina. A sock takes about 2-6 minutes to knit on the loom, then each sock is hand inspected, paired and then packaged.  Up to a dozen people may work on each sock!

Socks for Every Occasion and Sport

SmartWool Socks We Love American Made Blog

I also love that there are different SmartWool socks for different occasions. On Nordstrom, you’ll find that there are tights, no show casual socks and dress socks. You’ll also find socks especially made for skiing, hiking, running or other sports. There is also a wide selection for kids.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

SmartWool Socks We Love American Made Blog

They also offer a very generous 100% satisfaction guarantee. If within 2 years of purchase you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it to the store you purchased from for a replacement, or you can send it back to SmartWool for a replacement.

Where to Buy

You can find SmartWool socks on SmartWool.com, NordstromAmazon.com and at REI.


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