We Love: Lodge Cast Iron

If you love cooking, chances are you’ve heard of Lodge cast iron skillet. They have been in operation since 1896 in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. They are now a 5th generation, family owned, American manufacturer of cookware.

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lodge cookware we love american made blog

American Manufacturing

Lodge has been doing so great, that they’ve opened up a second manufacturing foundry to increase their capacity by 75%. Their second foundry is just a few blocks away from the original location, and it recently came online with their first production run in November 2017! Congratulations!

odge pans we love american made blog

A True Story

Here’s a funny story — about 16 years ago, I had heard from a friend that I needed to add a cast iron skillet to my arsenal of cookware. I went to Macy’s, armed with my coupons and was looking around at the various options.

lodge pans we love american made blog

I asked the saleslady what she would recommend between 2 moderately priced cast iron skillets.

She whispered to me… “Don’t bother with either of these. Go get a Lodge cast iron skillet. We don’t sell them here, but they are available at Walmart, Target, Amazon…” I thought, well, perhaps I won’t be able to afford it, but she assured me that they were very well priced and probably cheaper than the ones I was looking at!

We promptly went to our local Walmart and lo and behold, I was able to find my first Lodge cast iron skillet for $12! I was shocked at just HOW affordable these skillets were!

lodge cookware we love american made blog

We now own 3 and we use them on a near daily basis. They are great for cooking up steak, hamburgers, pretty much anything. I would love to get a few more sizes, but we have no space in our kitchen for more sizes!

Where To Buy

As mentioned above, a cast iron skillet is a great tool for any home cook. You can find Lodge cookware at Amazon.com, Walmart, Target and at the Lodge website.